About Me

Adarsh Menon

This blog follows my journey building online businesses of various types.  I’ll share with you what lessons I’ve learned, what I’m learning now and where I hope to go from here. Hopefully some of the insights will help you out in your own journey to success.

The emphasis will be on how to start with minimal knowledge and resources, and build a successful business from there.

I began my first business in September, 2006 with the launch of Chinese Learn Online – a free podcast teaching Mandarin Chinese, with a premium subscription model providing additional resources.  Later, I developed a similar website for a university in Taiwan, as part of their curriculum teaching Chinese.  Since then I’ve branched into other websites, as well as mobile apps, all of which you can see in my projects page.

More recently, I led the winning team at the inaugural Startup Weekend in Taipei, in August 2011.

I use the poker chip analogy of making bets in areas you think you could succeed in.  You bet small when the odds are uncertain, but bet big when you feel you’re on the right track.

If there’s anything I can help you with, please feel free to contact me.

Adarsh Menon