Testing your App Store Icon – Why You May Not Want the Best Looking Icon

App Store Icons

  We’ve all heard the importance of having a great app icon, so your app can stand out. Why is this important, and what  makes an icon great though? The importance is twofold. First, you want an icon that encourages a user to download your app in the first place. In a sea of icons,…

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The Future of iOS

Now that 2014 is upon us, it’s time to peek into our crystal ball to see what the future holds for us with iOS. iOS has already earned developers more than 15 billion in revenue, but this is still just the start. What new developments can we look forward to this year and next, then…

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iPad Air

How to Get your App Noticed: Grab on to the Hype

Apple recently announced that there are now over a million apps in the app store. As an app developer, doesn’t that make it even more difficult for your app to get discovered? What can you do to get your app noticed? The good news is that Apple actually helps you in this area by resetting…

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Knowing When to Say No

Apple is famous for saying no to many features, even when competitors have it. And yet their products are spectacularly successful. Why is that? More importantly, what are you saying no to in your apps? Are you trying to be all things to all people? If you want raving fans who will share and help promote your…

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Eating your own Dogfood

Image Credit. Want to build a really great app? One that people love using and will tell their friends about? One that people will leave great reviews for? One that will leave users clamoring for more? Here are the steps you can follow, to accomplish this. 1. Create an app that you yourself want to…

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App Design Tempates

How to Make Complex Apps on a Budget

When deciding how much you want to spend to build an app, it makes sense that the more features or more complicated an app is, the more your developer will charge to build it. What if there was a way to add complexity to your app, without having to pay an arm and a leg…

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