Develop and Market your iPhone App

Learn all the tips and tricks of developing your own iPhone app

without having to do any programming yourself.

This course will teach you all the ins and outs of the business, along with dos, don’ts and pitfalls you should watch for.

It also includes a comprehensive list of 3rd party resources that can take your app to the next level, while making life so much simpler for you.

Even if you are a current developer with app experience, you will learn a new thing or two by taking this course.

Topics include how to:

  • Set up your Apple Developer Account in the right way
  • Save significant time and money on the development process
  • Come up with a proper pricing model
  • Thoroughly test your app
  • Market your app properly
  • Develop your app business

Sign up and get access to:

  • 33 Videos
  • 6 sections of resources
  • Over 4 hours of content

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