Killer Idea for an iPhone App

Everyone wants to build an iPhone app these days. Who can blame them, with how fast the mobile app economy is growing these days!

Mobile App Economy

However for every successful app there is out there, there are hundreds of other apps that get no downloads at all. I don’t want you to become another statistic!

What if there was a way to see if your idea was a good one first, BEFORE spending money on development? That’s what this course is about!

Do you have an idea for the next great iPhone app? If you don’t, take this course!

If you do, then take this course to find out all the research you should do to make sure your idea is a good one first, before finding out the hard way!


  • How to choose what mobile platform to develop for.
  • The different methods of generating ideas
  • The app store guidelines
  • How to make sure your app is not rejected by Apple
  • Methods to brainstorm new ideas
  • How to research the app store for ideas
  • How to list and rank your ideas in a spreadsheet
  • The different pricing models you can apply to your app
  • How to pick the app idea with the most upside!

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