The Outsource Course


  • Find the best freelancers.
  • Create your first project.
  • Analyze bids to choose the best expert
  • Negotiate the best deals and terms.
  • Get people wanting to work for you, without paying them more.
  • Ensure quality work is performed


  • A list of the top freelance sites
  • Other tools and resources to help you manage your project
  • Sample non disclosure (NDA) and service agreements to protect your idea and ownership.

Actual comments from students of this course:

“Great course to say the least. It’s very obvious that Adarsh Menon is talking from a wealth of experience. He does so in an easy to follow manner which I liked. Seeing practically how to add projects and follow up on projects as well as getting the legal agreement documents make this course well worth it.”

“This really is the complete guide! It covers everything from posting a project, analyzing bids to managing your project and much more. My favorites were the resources, just awesome. All in all it was a delight going through Adarsh’s course and I must say that I appreciate that he guides the future wannabe outsourcer to communicate politely with his worker. Really loved that he encourages mutual respect. If you’re full of work that you might pay others to make, try outsourcing and take this course to learn how to.”

“I really liked this course. The advice is very sound and usable right away. Having been a freelancer, I can definitely say that following this process will make things go much smoother for everyone. It’s also very sound advice for being a technical lead on more conventional projects within larger corporations.”

“Adarsh includes tactics and techniques in this course that I would have never thought of when outsourcing projects. I found the list of “Outsourcing websites” particularly helpful for choosing the “right” company for my job. This course is entirely worth it for the amount of reference materials and good advice that you get.”

“This course is loaded with great information! I have re-watch about every video five times this is phenomenal.”

“Great course for anyone thinking about outsourcing a project. Excellent content with a great structure and resources available to students.”

How much time and energy have you spent, or would you need to spend to find out all the tricks of the trade on how to find the perfect people to build your projects within your budget?

Save your time and money!
If you are not satisfied with any aspects of this course, let me know within 30 days and I will refund your purchase.

After your payment is processed, you will be given access to 20 videos and 2 Resources PDF documents.
See you on the inside!

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