Knowing When to Say No

Apple is famous for saying no to many features, even when competitors have it. And yet their products are spectacularly successful. Why is that?

More importantly, what are you saying no to in your apps? Are you trying to be all things to all people?

If you want raving fans who will share and help promote your app to others, then it’s important to only focus on them and their needs, even if it means saying no.

So how do we do that?

  1. Figure out your demographic and what problem it is of theirs that you are trying to solve.
  2. If a new feature or function does not appeal to this group, or solves a separate problem, then consider spinning off a separate app, rather than including it here.
  3. When adding new features, make sure they don’t overly add complexity to your app.
  4. If a feature will only be used by a small portion of your audience, is it worth it to include?

Where possible, you want to limit the choices your users have to make in your app, to what makes sense for them. If you offer too many choices, they will get confused as to what to click on.

By following this approach, even though you may limit your audience to a particular niche, you will

  1. Have a really focused app that does what it’s supposed to do really well
  2. Have a really easy to use app, that the user can figure out quickly
  3. Create raving fans who are happy that you took the time to solve their needs and not someone else’s
  4. Be able to better market this app to a select audience, rather than trying to compete with generic apps

This is the approach that Apple uses to get raving fans. See which aspects of it you can use in your own app development!

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