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How to Create an iPhone App Promo Video

A great way to market your app is to create a promo video or trailer that showcases your app. Users can be drawn in by a great icon, screenshots or description. But what can really put them over the edge is a video that highlights the different features of your app, and what makes it…

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App Metrics – What Should You Track?

When people release an app, the biggest metric they track is downloads. The more downloads the better, obviously. And if it’s a paid app, then more downloads should equal more sales, meaning more profit for you. Are there any other metrics you should be tracking though, beyond downloads? Depending on the nature of your app,…

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Which Mobile Platform to Develop For

While this site has focused on developing apps for the iPhone, iOS is obviously just one of a few different mobile platforms that are available to develop on. In fact, it is not even the biggest one, as the chart on the left shows (image source). So should you be developing just on iOS? Which…

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App Localization and Language Support

One aspect of app marketing that many developers are not aware of, is how much bigger the world outside your own backyard is. Most apps are developed in English, for an English audience. For most developers that is fine, since the audience of English users is so huge. However there is an independent app store…

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App Store SEO – Increase your Discoverability

With 775 000 apps on the app store, how do you get your app discovered? There used to be a time when each time you released an update or a new app, your app would showcased on the front page of the latest apps released in a particular category page. As a result you could…

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App Store Downloads – Be a Small Fish in a Big Pond

Apple announced that all time iOS app downloads just crossed 40 billion, with 20 billion of those coming in 2012 alone. What does this mean for you, the app developer? Yes, that’s a lot of downloads, but part of the reason is the number of apps out there, which is now estimated at 775 000. A…

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