More Media, More Distribution

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I was in a Mexican restaurant recently and noticed that much of what they served – burritos, soft tacos, hard tacos – had the same filling, but was presented with different wrappers.  That made sense – different people have different preferences and tastes for how they consume their food.

You can use this same concept in your online business.  If you’re selling content, the same content can be distributed to your user base via different media – podcasts, YouTube videos, ebooks, physical books, mobile apps.  This provides you with two benefits:

  1. You increase the variety of products in your “menu” – giving your user more options on how to receive your content.
  2. Unlike items on a restaurant menu, having additional products in the online world also lets you tap into additional distribution channels.  So now in addition to your site, users can also find you on iTunes, YouTube, Amazon, mobile app stores and other sites that host different media product0s.

I’ve used this strategy for CLO, letting users access my content via podcasts, blog posts, downloadable PDFs and mobile apps.  Are you taking advantage of all the distribution channels that are available to you?

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