6 Reasons Why I Don’t Want You to Outsource your Project to Me.

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Most of my business has been based around my own projects, that were outsourced to others.  However from time to time, I’ve turned the tables and handled projects that others outsourced to me.  Most turned out fine. However there were some that were total disasters. Those are people I don’t want to work with again. Are you guilty of making the mistakes below? If so, do NOT send your projects to me.

  1. You think you know what you want, but you don’t.  My job is to implement what you tell me to do. However I can’t do that if your specifications are vague or unclear. Be specific.  Use mockups when it’s hard to explain in words.  Use mockups even otherwise.
  2. You don’t trust my input. I get it. You’re not a designer. You haven’t studied basic UI guidelines. I have the experience that you don’t. While it’s your project, I’ll chip in with my suggestions, when I think they will help you improve your product. If I create a great product for you, it helps my portfolio. If you ask me to implement your crappy design, then I know you’ll come back to me later with changes.
  3. You don’t pay for changes. Changes are inevitable. I get that. Once you get a chance to play with the actual demo, you’ll probably want to make changes (especially when you don’t listen to my earlier input). However don’t get mad when I tack on extra charges for any extra work required on my part.
  4. You don’t provide timely feedback.  I did my part by completing the tasks assigned to me. Now you need to do your part by evaluating my work and see if it matches your vision. Don’t make me wait for this feedback, as I can’t continue with other parts until we resolve this part first.
  5. You don’t respect my time. I have a secret for you. You’re not my only client. Lots of other people outsource their projects to me as well. I schedule time for your project, based on the original guidelines you give me. I also add on additional time to fix bugs and make changes, within reason. I already have another project lined up after this one. If this project cuts into that, I have to make accommodations, so you need to respect that.
  6. You don’t pay on time. We create milestones fora reason. Once the work has been completed and we move on to the next task, please release any payments that are due. I don’t like asking you to do that.

At the end of the day, I would rather work on a smaller project with a client who provides clear, logical instructions and who will value me and my time, than deal with you on a massive project, that requires a lot of running around and back and forth. Heck, I may even charge less to work with you, if you fixed all the issues above. So do that first, then get back to me.

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