The Value of an Idea

Idea - Foster

Every business out there started with an idea.  Initially it was just a thought in someone’s mind.  Somewhere along the line, someone (might not be the same person) decided to take that thought and turn it into a business idea.  That idea was then launched as an actual business.  After that, it would have to be priced, marketed, maintained and tweaked before it ever became a success.

Each of these steps required key people to execute them properly.  If any of the steps or people were missing along the way, then the idea would never have succeeded.

We have seen this play out several times with ideas that sound great on paper, but don’t work out so well in the real world.  Then there have been others that may not have sounded so good on paper but ended up doing really well.

Many people focus the majority of their time on finding the next big idea, and then work hard to protect it from being stolen by others.  Ideas are plentiful.  Here are 999 great ideas to get you started.  Take that energy and instead divert it towards developing the idea and finding great people to help you launch it.

“I was an overnight success all right, but 30 years is a long, long night.”  (Ray Krok, McDonald’s Corporation)

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