Want to succeed? Find these people.

Surround yourself with the right peopleWant to succeed in life?  Surround yourself with really good people.  People who make you better and stronger in life.  Here are the types of people you should look for:

  1. People who motivate you.  This group could include your spouse, family and close friends. They encourage you to succeed, cheer you on from the sidelines and congratulate you on your victories.  Conversely, stay away from people who bring you down or demotivate you.
  2. People who depend on you.  This group could include your kids or aging parents. These are the people who you want to provide a better life for.  So having them around motivates you to succeed.
  3. People who complement your skill set.  This group could include web designers, coders, artists and other people with skills you don’t have.  You could convince them to join your team, or hire them as free lancers or consultants.
  4. People who know other people.  These could be friends who have lots of friends.  Or it could be people who organize networking events.
  5. People with resources.  This group includes investors, mentors and other people who could help you succeed by pointing you in the right direction.
  6. People who inspire you.  These could be people in different fields who have overcome obstacles to get where they are, whose work ethic you admire.  Or maybe they are just plain positive and optimistic, no matter what the situation.
  7. Marketers and Salespeople.  Even the best plans and ideas won’t get very far without the right marketing and promotion behind it.  If you don’t have the skills in this area, find someone who does.  Pay them using commissions or affiliates to get your product to the masses.
  8. People who are going places. Remember that classmate in high school that you just knew would be a millionaire someday?  Or that girl you thought would win the Nobel Prize one day?  Or how about the valedictorian who you could see being the president someday?  One way to get where you want to get is to find someone else who is going there, and hang on to their coattails!

I can think of people in each of the above categories who have helped me along the way. I’m also constantly meeting new people in my life to help take me to the next stage.

Which people in your life do you owe your success to?


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